Baby-Proofing Essentials Singapore 2019



Childproofing your home is essential to keeping your baby safe. Be prepared to childproof the nursery, bathroom, kitchen, fireplace – any area of your house that poses a threat to your baby.

Here the list — separated by age/phase:

Part I: Crawlers (7 months+)

  • Outlet & Power Strip Covers
  • Baby Gates & Pens
  • Cabinet & Drawer Locks
  • Pool Safety

Part II: Cruisers and Pulling Up (9 months+)

  • Toilet Safety
  • Baby Bath Safety
  • Window Safety
  • Furniture Safety

Part III: Walkers (11 months+)

  • Door Knob Covers and Locks
  • Fireplace Safety
  • Yard Safety

1. Baby gate for stairs and doorway

Baby gate for stairs and doorway

Cardinal Gates SS-30 Stairway Special

The staircase is probably the most dangerous place in your house for a baby. Your kid could fall down the stairs and get seriously injured.

Installing a baby gate will prevent those cruel accidents. Furthermore, a baby gate can be installed into a doorway to block your kid from going to an unsafe area of the house.

For all the shipping details and price for the Cardinal Gates SS-30 Stairway Special, check Amazon.

2. Free-standing baby gate

Free-standing baby gate

Regalo adjustable gate

Every house configuration is different, and sometimes you need to fence a room in half to keep your child from reaching unsafe items.

To safely divide a room you can use a free-standing baby gate. The fence is made of multiple panels, that can be shaped into a custom safety gate.

In my experience, it works great to fence the fireplace or the Christmas tree.

For all the shipping details and price for the Regalo adjustable gate, check Amazon .

3. Fireplace metal gates

Fireplace metal gates

Regalo adjustable gate

We have a fireplace in the living room, and I absolutely love it. The dilemma is my kids want to play with it too, and that is a problem, especially when theirs a fire inside.

The fireplace is an accident waiting to happen if it’s not correctly gated. To prevent such misfortunes, you should get this metal gate primarily made for your fireplace. This gate can be adapted to any fireplace configuration.

For all the shipping details and price for the Regalo adjustable gate, check Amazon.

4. Railing safety net

Railing safety net

Safety 1st kids safety Railnet

Your railing should also be childproof because a baby or even a toddler could squeeze itself between the posts and risk a severe fall.

To keep your children safe, you should install a safety Railnet along the railing of your stairs or balcony. This childproofing product is made of durable mech fabric and can be adapted to any railing configuration or size.

For all the shipping details and price for the Safety 1st kids safety Railnet, check Amazon.


Every kid loves to play with doors. They swing, they close, they make a funny noise, and it’s all fun and game until they get hurt. The real issue is not a pinched finger, but what behind that door. Some items must be kept away from children reach.

Here’s how you can baby proof your doors, cabinets, drawers, and windows.

5. Cabinet locks

Cabinet locks

Safety 1st Magnetic Locking System

One of the first things you want to baby proof in your kitchen is the cabinets and drawers. The cabinets doors and drawers are well known for pinching little fingers.

Installing cabinets locks will keep your food, kitchen knives and cleaning products out of your kid’s reach.

Those cabinets locks from Safety 1st are almost invisible and won’t deface your kitchen decor. They are also very secure. Because you need a magnetic key to open the lock on the other side of the panel.

For all the shipping details and price for the Safety 1st magnetic locking system, check Amazon.

6. Cabinet Latch

Cabinet Latch

Safety 1st cabinet and drawer latches

The cabinet latch is the most common type of cabinet lock. Those cabinet latches are the first child lock we install at our house.

These cabinet and drawer latches from Safety 1st are very affordable, simple to operate and also invisible from the outside. The little plastic latch is installed inside the cabinet and you need press it down to unlock the door or the drawer.

For all the shipping details and price for the Safety 1st cabinet and drawer latches, check Amazon.

7. Cabinet straps

Cabinet straps

Munchkin Xtraguard dual action latches

Some cabinets can be complicated to childproof, and you’ll need an alternative solution.

These cabinet straps don’t require any tools to be installed and can be adapted to any shapes.

These dual action plastic straps from Munchkin are also an excellent solution to lock the appliance; refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher or washing machine.

For all the shipping details and price for the Munchkin Xtraguard dual action latches, check Amazon.

8. Medicine safe

Medicine safe

Dreambaby Medi Guard medicine lock box

Some products, like medicine, should have their special childproof box. The content is too dangerous to be accessible to your child.

This safe was specially made to contain the poisonous or toxic items to keep out of your baby reach.

For all the shipping details and price for the Dreambaby Medi Guard medicine lock box, check Amazon.

9. Door knob covers

Door knob covers

KidCo doorknob lock

Some doors in your home should not be open by your kid. Especially with doors leading to the staircase or the garage. What’s on the other side can be dangerous to your child. The problem is you need easy access to those rooms and having them lock all the time is not a good solution.

This childproofing device will make the doorknob inaccessible to your kid while keeping it easily maneuverable by an adult.

For all the shipping details and price for the KidCo doorknob lock, check Amazon.

10. Door lock

Door lock

Childproof deluxe door top lock

At some point, the doorknob cover won’t keep your kid from opening the door. This door lock is the most secure solution to keep older kids from opening a door.

The lock is installed at the top of the door, out of your kid’s reach. The latch slides on top of the door and locks into a peg mount on the door frame.

For all the shipping details and price for this childproof deluxe door top lock, check Amazon.

11. Bi-fold door lock

Bi-fold door lock

Deluxe bi-fold door lock

Some closet doors are foldable and therefore an exceptional opportunity to pinch little fingers. This bi-fold door lock was made especially to childproof this type of door.

The installation is quite simple, and no tools are required. The plastic sliding latch is almost invisible and will fit within any room decor.

For all the shipping details and price for this bi-fold door lock, check Amazon.

12. Pocket door lock

DoorSmoocher Pocket door lock

Door Smoocher

Pocket doors are also a peril to your little explorer hands.

This childproof lock is easy to install and will not damage the door. The lock comes in white, but you can paint over to fit with the color of the room. I would suggest you install the lock high enough on the side of the door, so it’s out of your kid’s reach.

For all the shipping details and price for the Door Smoocher, check Amazon.

13. Deadbolt lock

Deadbolt lock

Safety 1st secure mount deadbolt lock

The deadbolt lock is something you will want to childproof at some point. Sure your baby is just crawling, and he won’t reach the door lock, but someday he will.

When children start to play with the deadbolt, it could create unpleasant and dangerous consequences. From getting trapped outside the house to unlocking the door to strangers.

Before your toddler takes a walk around the block, you should put this deadbolt lock on your todo list. The installation is simple.

For all the shipping details and price for the Safety 1st secure mount deadbolt lock, check Amazon.

14. One Piece Door Stop

One Piece Door Stop

Mommy’s Helper doorstop

The door stoppers you have in your house are potential choking hazards to your crawling baby or curious toddler. The removable caps at the end of the spring has been responsible for numerous child going to the ER. Also, I can’t count how many times my kids have pinched their fingers while playing with the spring.

This one piece door stopper solve the problem and still protect your door.

For all the shipping details and price for the Mommy’s Helper doorstop, check Amazon.

15. Finger pinch preventer

Finger pinch preventer

Safety 1st Prograde finger pinch preventer

Kids love to play with doors until they get their little finger pinch. The next day, they forget all about it and start to play with the door again.

To prevent this recurrent pain, you could install this pinch guard on the side of your doors. This finger guard stops the door from completely closing.

This simplistic invention will also prevent your toddler from locking himself in the room.


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